“Kim Hyung-jin-Laercio consecutive goals” Anyang blocked Gimcheon’s dominance and “5th place → 2nd place jump” 

Anyang won 2-0 in the home game against Gimcheon in the 24th round of Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023 held on the 31st at 7:30 pm at Anyang Sports Complex by concentrating on 2 goals only in the second half.

With this, Anyang, who won in three games, accumulated 38 points (11 wins, 5 draws, 6 losses) and rose to second place. 4 points behind leader Kimcheon (42 points). Anyang (38 goals) tied with Gyeongnam FC (37 goals) and Busan I-Park (30 goals) in points, but was ahead in many points.

https://displayad.zum.com/NetInsight/html/zum/news/newspage@newszum_pc_250Kim Cheon maintained the lead despite the loss that day. However, it stayed at 42 points (13 wins, 3 draws, 6 losses) and allowed Anyang, Gyeongnam FC, and Busan I-Park (over 38) to pursue. If Kim Cheon had won that day, he could have aimed for a solo flow by widening the gap to the second place by 7 points, but he could not.

Anyang, the home team led by coach Lee Woo-hyung, put Bruno at the forefront, Ryu Seung-woo and Choi Seong-beom in the second line, and Kim Dong-jin and Joo Hyun-woo on both sides. Hwang Ki-wook and Moon Seong-wu took charge of the midfield, and Kim Hyung-jin, Lee Chang-yong, and Park Jong-hyeon made up the back three defense. Park Sung-soo wore the goalkeeper gloves.

Manager Jeong Jeong-yong’s manager Kim Cheon placed Lee Jun-seok, Cho Young-wook, and Kim Hyeon-wook in the attack line, and Won Doo-jae, Kim Jin-kyu, and Kang Hyeon-mook in the midfield. Park Min-gyu, Kim Jae-woo, Lee Sang-min, and Kim Tae-hyeon were in charge of the back 4 defense, and Shin Song-hoon was the goalkeeper.

Kim Cheon took an active lead in the early game with Lee Jun-seok, Kim Hyun-wook, and Kim Jin-gyu at the forefront. Then, Anyang aimed for a counterattack centered on Bruno, Hwang Ki-wook, and Moon Seong-woo.

In the 25th minute of the first half, Anyang took out Choi Seong-beom and Moon Seong-woo and put in Yago and Lee Dong-soo to make an early change. Kim Cheon also showed his will to win by removing Kim Hyun-wook and adding Choi Byung-chan. However, in the first half, both teams failed to score a goal as they could not create a decisive scene.

Anyang scored the opening goal in the fourth minute of the second half. Bruno, who caught Yago’s forward pass, passed a defender in front of the box and put in a left-footed mid-range shot. However, as a result of video review (VAR), the goal was canceled as it was ruled offside.

Two minutes after that, Kim Cheon seized a decisive opportunity. In the 6th minute of the second half, in a free kick situation, the ball was deflected by a defender and fell in front of Lee Jun-seok, who was on the left side of the box. Lee Jun-seok’s shot hit the right post and bounced off.

In the 15th minute of the second half, Anyang’s Kim Hyung-jin scored the winning goal with a header. Seizing a free kick opportunity from the right, Anyang’s Joo Hyun-woo crossed in front of the goal, and Kim Hyung-jin, who was rushing in, scored the goal with a header.

In the 22nd minute of the second half, Laercio from Brazil scored a key goal for Anyang. Laercio broke through the left box and scored an additional goal with a right-footed kick. La Ercio, who was recruited this summer, scored his K-League debut goal, and Kim Dong-jin contributed the second assist.

Kim Cheon launched an all-out war to score a comeback goal. Park Min-kyu’s free-kick shot threatened Anyang’s goal, but Park Sung-soo saved it. Kim Cheon continued to seize set-piece opportunities and added up to the 8th minute of extra time, but could hardly score a goal.

Earlier, in the match between Seoul E-Land and Chungnam Asan held at Mokdong Stadium, E-Land and Asan drew 0-0 without scoring. E-Land and Asan, who shared 1 point each, recorded 26 points (7 wins, 5 draws, 10 losses) and 27 points (7 wins, 6 draws, 10 losses), respectively, and maintained 11th and 10th places. E-Land drew 6 matches (3 draws, 3 losses), and Asan drew 4 matches and then went undefeated in 2 matches (1 win, 1 draw). /letmeout@osen.co.kr