“You put all of Cho Kyu-sung’s PK in.” Demanding a kicker dedicated to penalty kicks…Mitwilan ace ‘setting his place’ with 2G consecutive goals

Mitwilan defeated Silkebor 2-0 in the second round of the 2023-24 Danish Superliga at MCH Arena in Henning, Denmark, at 9 pm on the 30th (Korea Standard Time). As a result, Mitwilan tied Copenhagen with two wins (6 points), but took the lead by one point in the margin.

Mitwilan activated the 3-4-3 formation. Cho Kyu-sung, Gustav Isaacsen, Aral Simsir, Paulinho, Christopher Olsson, Armin Gigovic, Oliver Sørensen, Juninho, Sverir Ingason, Stefan Gartenman and Jonas Rössl took the ground.

The opportunity came to score the first goal in the early hours. This also began with Cho Kyu-sung’s toes. In the 14th minute of the first half, Cho Kyu-sung caught the ball at the half-line and ran after exchanging two-to-one passes with Isaacsen. After the folding operation, it was given back to Isaacsen on the right side. Isaacsen tripped inside the penalty box and got a penalty kick (PK), and he himself stepped out as a kicker, but the kick soared over the crossbar.

Cho Kyu-sung, who was looking for a chance, gave the team an additional point. In the 11th minute of extra time in the first half, which was leading 1-0, Mitwilan succeeded in pressing from a high position, and Olson quickly gave up to Cho Kyu-sung in the empty space. Cho Kyu-sung did not catch the ball flowing from the penalty arc, but handled it with a direct grounder shot. The goalkeeper couldn’t use his hand his exquisitely toward the bottom left. Cho Kyu-sung let go of his hairband and roared with a clenched fist. In addition, he did not forget his signature ceremony His, “Cross Finger,” while looking at the camera. Home fans shouted “Jo!” to the in-house announcer’s “Kyoo-sung” cry. Cho Kyu-sung’s role was until the 29th minute of the second half,

Cho Kyu-sung set a record. As of the past 15 seasons, mitwillan has been named the third player to score in both of his first league games. After Frank Onieka (now Brentford) in 2018 and Anders Dreyer (now Anderlecht) in 2020. Cho Kyu-sung also scored in the opening match against Hvidoure on the 22nd.

Isaacsen is a PK kicker for meatwillan this season. And he lost one by one in the opening game and the second round, drawing complaints. The first was caught by the goalkeeper’s hand, and the second went over the crossbar. He squandered the chance to take the game easily.

Cho Kyu-sung has never missed it so far. FC Anyang (vs. Seoul E-Land), Jeonbuk Hyundai (vs. Shanghai Sanggang, Suwon Samsung, Incheon United, FC Seoul, Suwon Samsung), and Gimcheon Sangmu (vs. Pohang Steelers, Jeonbuk Hyundai, Suwon FC, Gangwon FC, Suwon Samsung) all shook the net.

Through this, it is possible to confirm how much Cho Kyu-sung is trusted.

Cho Kyu-sung connected all three shots with effective shots on the day, recording 21 ball touches, one key pass, one dribble, two ground competitions, three aerial competitions, and one foul. Football statistics media ‘Footmob’ gave a rating of 8.0 and ‘Sopascore’ gave a rating of 7.8. All of them had the highest ratings in the game. Based on “Foot Mob,” Cho Kyu-sung and Olson scored 8.0 points, followed by Juninho (7.9 points), Simsir (7.8 points), Sørensen (7.5 points), Gartenman (7.4 points), Gigi Beach (7.1 points), Rössel (7.1 points), Inga Son (76 points) and Paul (6 points).

Mitwilan wrote a review on the club’s website and said, “Olson passed to Cho Kyu-sung, who was free in front of the penalty box. The South Korean striker did not miss such an opportunity, and he broke goalkeeper Nikolai Larsen with a sharp shot,” he wrote. When Cho Kyu-sung scored, manager Thomas Ber, who applauded and liked it, said, “Cho Kyu-sung participated well in the game and scored a great goal.”

Cho Kyu-sung said, “I had a lot of opportunities to come to Europe, and this opportunity seems to be the right one. Meatwillan was the most passionate. I’m sure it’s the right transfer. It is important to get to know and get to know the team members. Changes have now been made, and we are waiting to start soon. I received a lot of support at the World Cup, but it’s already over. I know I have to pour it on the training ground and “I’m looking forward to future challenges and I want to prove myself in Europe,” he said.

Cho Kyu-sung, who wore back number 10, the “ace symbol,” perfectly lived up to expectations from the opening game of the league. Cho Kyu-sung, who continued to make threatening chances, scored the winning goal. In the 11th minute of the second half, Paulinho’s sharp cross came up from the left side and Cho Kyu-sung shook the net with a diving header shot after rushing to the gate. The audience was enthusiastic, and Cho Kyu-sung performed a “cross finger” ceremony while looking at the camera. It was a meaningful goal. Coincidentally, it was Mitwilan’s 1,000th game. Cho Kyu-sung scored the winning goal and became the main character.

“I’m very happy to make my debut,” Cho Kyu-sung said in his impression of the game. Also, I’m glad I scored a goal. But tomorrow it will be forgotten. This is because there are many games ahead. My focus is to focus on the upcoming game and get used to Danish football.”

He was also named the best team in the first round of the Danish Superliga Secretariat. The formation was 4-4-2, with Cho Kyu-sung (Mitwilan), Matthias Kvistgarden (Bronbü), Giogu Gonzauves (Copenhagen), Mohamed Diomande (Norschelan), Sven Koehler (Odense), Ernest Nuama (Norschelan), Paulinho ( Mitwilan), Frederic Tinger (Buger) (B) and Alyaude (Awijowe) Lölde) in the order from the front.

Regarding Cho Kyu-sung, the secretariat said, “Did Meat Whelan find a new main striker? He certainly looked passionate against Hvidoure, and he definitely melted into the game. Finished with a few infiltrations. The South Korean striker scored the winning goal by connecting Paulinho’s cross to the game’s only goal.