Jesse Lingard ended up on the operating table

Jesse Lingard, 32, of Seoul, South Korea, ended up on the operating table.

Lingard had cartilage surgery on her knee on Dec. 12. After recurring symptoms of water in his knee, Lingard opted for the surgery in order to make a comeback.

On the 13th, Lingard posted a photo of herself recovering in a hospital bed on social media. Smiling with a V-pose, he wrote, “Cartilage surgery was successful. Thank you for all the messages. Everything happens for a reason,” he reassured fans.

News of Lingard’s surgery quickly reached the UK. ‘The Sun’ reported, “Lingard vlogged with a smile on his face even though he had to miss more than a month due to the surgery. He came to Korea to a big welcome, but has been struggling with a slump. In his first three appearances, Lingard was criticized for his poor performance.”

Lingard has been a disappointment compared to his hype.

He has struggled since his debut, prompting coach Kim Ki-dong to say, “He’s not playing well. A player who can’t play on the field is not a soccer player,” he was told bitterly.

Lingard was then left off the roster against Gangwon and Gimcheon Sangmu. During rehabilitation, Lingard complained of pain and eventually opted for surgery. 안전놀이터 추천 Lingard posted videos on social media of him watching Seoul’s players play.

The “Lingard Effect” helped Seoul sell out stadiums everywhere they went. However, the bubble burst when Lingard performed below expectations. After taking a two-week vacation to England during the A-Match break, Lingard failed to regain his form and didn’t even make the roster.

Frustrated, Lingard posted on social media, “I’m not going to lie. This whole X situation is overwhelming. But I’m going to keep trying,” he wrote on social media.

Lingard hopes to showcase his ‘Premier League + England’ credentials in Seoul, but he’s not fit. After undergoing surgery, Lingard won’t be back on the field for at least four weeks.