Its Lee Jeong-hoo who is About to Face Ha-seong Kim

I now meet my senior, who was my ‘best friend’ (short for best friend) and teammate, on the same planet.

Jeong-hoo Lee of the San Francisco Giants gave his thoughts on facing Ha-seong Kim of the San Diego Padres.

At the induction ceremony held at the home team clubhouse of Oracle Park in San Francisco, California on the 16th (Korean time), Lee Jeong-hoo expressed his thoughts about Kim Ha-seong, whom he met as an opponent.

Describing Ha-seong Kim as “a teammate and a spiritual supporter,” he first expressed his gratitude to his senior, saying, “I was able to dream big because he gave me many good words.” 바카라사이트

He continued, “We will face off a lot together. “It’s amazing and exciting to now face each other after leaving behind the days when we played together,” he said, expressing his feelings about meeting his opponent.

Kim Ha-seong’s team, San Diego, and Lee Jeong-hoo’s San Francisco belong to the Western Division of the National League.

The Major League changed the schedule to have all teams face each other once starting in the 2023 season, reducing the number of times to 13, but it is still a large number. San Francisco’s opponent for the season opener on March 29th is San Diego.

In fact, the two could have been a team. As San Diego traded Juan Soto and Trent Grisham to the New York Yankees, San Diego emerged as a likely destination for Lee Jung-hoo. However, Lee Jeong-hoo ultimately chose San Francisco.

The directions were different, but that didn’t mean their friendship changed.

Lee Jeong-hoo said that after Kim Ha-seong’s contract news came out, he said, ‘Congratulations on going to a good club.

He continued, “My brother always says a lot of nice things. He said, “I will have to ask my brother and do the same,” and said he would listen to Kim Ha-seong for advice.

Between Lee Jeong-hoo and Kim Ha-seong, there is another person who connects them. That person is Bob Melvin, who resigned as San Diego coach after last season and was newly appointed as San Francisco coach.

Lee Jeong-hoo said, “My older brother said a lot of good things, saying, ‘It’s good to play baseball under a good coach,’” and said Kim Ha-seong left a good evaluation of coach Melvin.