Home steal, ground home run, MLB “Genius Day”

Yesterday (17th) in the Major League Baseball, a series of quirks were made.

Let’s check out reporter Lee Sung-hoon’s report, including a home steal that the pitcher didn’t even have time to throw, and a “ground home run” created by a strange bounce of the ball.

Thanks to Kim Ha-sung’s hit and run in the third inning, local broadcasters suddenly raise their voices in a two-out third base opportunity in the seventh inning when San Diego was leading Baltimore 4-2.

While Baltimore left-handed pitcher Perez stood with his back to third base and focused only on batters, third baseman Tatis Jr. took a few steps toward home and ran at full speed to succeed in home steel without giving him time to throw.

As a San Diego player, San Diego, who sealed the game with a home steal that succeeded in seven years, won two consecutive games, reviving hope for the postseason.

A big ball hit by Raley of Tampa Bay hits the right fence of San Francisco’s Oracle Park and then hits the top of the fence again and turns.

Rayleigh, who sprinted while the embarrassed outfielders were in a hurry, completed a ground home run without sliding. 스포츠토토

Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels hit his 42nd home run of the season against Texas, chasing Major League Baseball’s overall leader, Atlanta’s Olsen, again by one.

After hitting the ball so hard that the helmet was peeled off over the strike zone, he created a rare scene of going around the ground without a helmet.