$80 Million Expansion Plan for Atlantic City

Harra’s Entertainment Inc. announced on Aug. 1 that it plans to expand Harra’s Atlantic City Casino/Hotel by $80 million to add a $113 million hotel tower already under construction.

The expansion of 50,000 square feet will create 28,000 square feet of new casino floor space and add 950 slot machines to meet high customer demand, especially during the summer, weekend and holiday seasons.

The expansion, which must be approved by the government, includes a 19,500-square-foot elegant grand lobby/porte cohere, which will add 2,500 square feet to the Fantasia Leaf buffet and enhance the building’s appearance.

“Some interesting dynamics are taking place in the Atlantic city market,” said Phil Satre, entertainment president and CEO of Hara. “Our new 452-room hotel tower will open in April next year and the opening of connectors will improve access to the Marina area and ease traffic jams. Casino expansion will take advantage of those developments by providing new amenities that will attract additional customers to our properties.”

The project will extend the current casino from the Fantasia Leaf Buffet Corner to the exterior into the existing hotel lobby area of Marina Tower. Plans for the casino area call for the addition of 950 slots and the creation of a new 900-square-foot coin repurchase area.

Tim Wilmot, president of Hara’s Entertainment Eastern division, said the expansion will address capacity constraints at the property. “With connectors now open and new hotels up and running next spring, the expanded casino will be able to accommodate the influx of new guests expected to visit the property. As it stands, our casinos are already experiencing extremely high usage during peak seasons. “This expansion addresses the current and future needs of slot players and provides guests with an excellent experience by adding a stylish grand lobby and Forte cocoon,” Wilmot added.

The grand foyer will be harmonized with the new front desk area, which will feature high dome ceilings and marble floors, and the front porch will allow better access through the new road design. The area will provide visitors with a separate drop-off and pickup area.

Other developments included in the project are the expansion of the Fantasia Leaf Buffet and the enhancement of the exterior of the building. Around 75 to 100 new seats will be added to the Fantasia Leaf Buffet, with an expansion of 2,500 square feet that will minimize wait times for guests, especially during the peak season. Outside, visitors will be welcomed with the spectacular exterior of the new entrance.

The project will be carried out in two phases. The first phase, including the casino and grand foyer/porte coacher, will be completed in June 2002. The second phase of expanding the Fantasia Leaf Buffet will begin in January 2003, and will be completed in May 2003. Additions of 950 slot machines will also be phased out, with 500 expected to be added in June 2002 and the rest to be added in 2003. 무료슬롯사이트