4th in KBO Career Batting Average 35-Year-Old Number One Hitter

NC Dinos veteran outfielder Son Ah-seop (35)

still boasts contact skills and leads the team’s attack. 

Director Kang In-kwon is also grateful for Son A-seop’s performance.

Son Ah-seop started his professional career in 2007 after receiving the Lotte nomination. 

During the 15 years he played for the Lotte Giants

he finished the season with a . 

Excluding his rookie year in his professional debut

he has batted in the .30s 12 out of 14 times.

After the 2017 season

he signed his first free agent contract with Lotte. 바카라사이트닷컴

 In November 2017

he stamped for 4 years and 9.8 billion won.

 After that

he had three 300 batting seasons over four years.

During his time at Lotte

his highest number of hits was only 3 times (2012, 2013, 2017). 

He is a player who boasts great contact skills.

 He is also a national team outfielder. 

Recognizing his ability

NC offered him a condition of 6.4 billion won for 4 years

who qualified for the second FA after the end of the 2021 season

and Son A-seop stamped.

Son A-seop was sluggish with a batting average of .347 in 138 games last season

his first year in NC

and NC was unable to play fall baseball. 

This year

Son Ah-seop took on the heavy duty as the number one hitter and is recording a batting average of .

On the 20th

in the Jamsil Doosan Bears expedition

he started as a right fielder and first hitter

and led the team to a complete victory of 12-5 with 4 hits in 5 at-bats

1 RBI and 3 runs. 

NC caught up to 3rd place SSG by 3 games

and Son A-seop is ranked 2nd in batting average.


which fell to 6th place last May

climbed to 4th place while taking victories step by step

and is looking beyond 3rd place. 

In August

they have a record of 9 wins

1 draw and 6 losses. Major hitters such as Park Min-woo

Park Gun-woo

foreign batters Martin

and Kwon Hee-dong are scoring well with good hitting.

 Among them, Son A-seop is playing the role of an ‘attack advance guard’.

Coach Kang In-kwon also commented on Ah-seop Son’s performance


At the beginning of the season

it seemed like Son Ah-seop took some time to find a sense of hitting

but after that he has been consistently doing well. 

Thanks to that

I think our team is able to achieve and maintain results now.

Son A-seop recorded a batting average of 2.904 for the month of April

and has been batting .30 every month since.

 He is a player with the ‘Akbari’ spirit. He’s getting old enough to run as a run-down No. 1 hitter

but he still produces hits like a batting machine.

Since his professional debut in 2007

until the match against Doosan on the 20th

Son A-seop is recording 4th place in batting average (based on 3,000 at bats or more) in the KBO League

30.2 1 Lee. NC has 42 games left in the regular season.

 The ranking battle continues to flow fiercely

and it is noteworthy how well Son Ah-seop will lead the team.