What Pedri wants in 10 years is “Bald”

What I look like in 10 years? Wouldn’t I be bald?

Pedri has revealed her unique taste. The Tribune reported on Thursday that the interview with Pedri was released by The Residence. There was something that stood out. Pedri was asked, What do you think you will look like in 10 years? Pedri’s answer was impressive. At the age of 31, …. Well, I’ll be playing football, and I’ll be bald. I’ve always wanted to be bald. I don’t know why.

Pedri really wants to go bald. He actually tried to get an Iniesta-style hairstyle in 2021, but it didn’t come true because his father objected. At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he pledged to shave his head if Spain wins, but it didn’t come true.

Pedri is currently recovering from his injury. Pedri was injured in the 27th round of the 2023-2024 Spanish Primera Liga against Athletic Bilbao in Bilbao van Mames Barria, Spain, on April 4. Pedri suddenly left the stadium feeling pain in his right thigh. It is the third time this season that Pedri has suffered muscle pain in his right thigh. Pedri returned after suffering from a long-term injury, but has been suffering throughout the season as he has been reduced to a glass body.

It was a result of extreme incident. In 2021, Pedri played 73 games including the Euro and Olympic Games as well as his team’s games. Pedri had suffered nine muscle injuries in the past three years since he was overloaded, and had never played the season normally. Pedri is preparing to return to his physical shape. 스포츠중계