Tunisia fears an ‘inappropriate A-match’ with South Korea

Tunisia fears an ‘inappropriate A-match’ with South Korea, prompting questions about the reason behind the decision to host the Africa Cup of Nations.

South Korea and Tunisia are creating an atmosphere of “unwanted encounters” with each other.

Domestically, South Korea’s decision to hold domestic friendlies against Tunisia and Vietnam in October after playing away friendlies in Europe against Wales and Saudi Arabia in September has stirred up controversy. The reaction was that they should have faced more competitive teams. Wales is ranked 33rd in the FIFA rankings, Saudi Arabia 57th, Tunisia 29th, and Vietnam 95th. No team is higher than South Korea, which is ranked 26th.

Even in Tunisia, where South Korea is scheduled to face Japan at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Nov. 13, there is a negative reaction to the Korea-Japan Asia tour. Tunisian media outlet La Presse de Tunisie said on Tuesday (local time), “It is inappropriate to play two Asian teams in preparation for the Africa Cup of Nations. This has once again raised concerns,” the local outlet said.

Tunisia’s head coach Jarel Khadri said before his departure on Monday, “It is often the case that we cannot find the sparring partners we want. 바카라사이트 We wanted to play an African team to prepare for the CAN (Africa Cup of Nations), but it was not possible,” he said, adding that he prioritized friendly matches with African teams.

Jürgen Klinsmann, the head coach of the South Korean national team, also told local reporters on the 9th, “We can’t play strong teams every time,” adding, “Tunisia is a very strong team. They won against Egypt in June and beat France at the World Cup. I’m not trying to sugarcoat it. We have to prepare well,” he warned.

“We have received invitations from South Korea and Japan for friendly meetings. Of course, it will be away from home in Asia, but it will undoubtedly help us prepare for the CAN. Korea and Japan are very good opponents. Given the Asian teams’ style of play, which is based on speed and physicality, we will be able to use the two friendlies to our advantage by counteracting their high pace. In addition, the intensity of Asian soccer is similar to African soccer,” he said.

Tunisia is a rising North African powerhouse known for its tight defense. In September, they defeated Botswana 3-0 and Egypt 3-1 in friendlies. The Africa Cup of Nations, which crowns Africa’s best teams, will be held in Côte d’Ivoire next January.