Third Major Poker Series Canceled In Vietnam: Canceled Over Approval Of World Poker Tour Event In Hanoi

Scheduled to kick off at the Crown Poker Club in Hanoi from May 14-27, the much-anticipated WPT Vietnam Passport to World Championship Series has been abruptly canceled. The announcement marks the third major poker tournament suspension in Vietnam in just six months.

Crown Poker Club’s Unexpected Announcement:

The announcement of the cancellation was made through an emergency notice from the event’s venue, the Crown Poker Club. In a statement, the club expressed their decision as being in the best interest of all participants, citing “technical reasons.” They expressed regret for the inconvenience, emphasizing their firm commitment to prioritizing safety and improving tournament quality.

According to a report by Inside Asian Gaming, the club’s statement read, “Crown Poker Club regrets this inconvenience. This is a really difficult decision, as Crown Poker Club has always prioritized safety and tournament quality improvements throughout its operations.”

Players who purchased the early bird package were advised to contact customer service for a refund, which further highlights the unexpected nature of the cancellation.

The chaos in Hanoi’s poker world continues:

This latest cancellation has added to a series of disruptions that have plagued Hanoi’s poker community. Previously, the Asian Poker Tour’s Hanoi multi-billion dollar event faced allegations of violating local gambling laws, resulting in the cancellation of the last two days. Likewise, the Asian Poker Festival Hanoi Spring Series met a similar fate in April in partnership with the Topjoy Poker Tour.

In addition, the Crown Poker Club earlier this year imposed a 10% “tax” on players” wins, which later turned out to be just a device to cover the club’s operating costs and nonexistent.

Due to the repeated confusion and uncertainty surrounding the city’s poker tournament, Hanoi’s reputation as a stable poker destination has been questioned. The successive cancellations have raised concerns among players and organizers about the viability and sustainability of hosting such events in the region.

Scheduled events: USOP Hanoi:

Despite the setbacks, the poker community is looking forward to the USOP Hanoi event, which will take place at the Crown Poker Club from May 29 to June 10. Organizers are actively working with the club to resolve the issue to create a smooth and successful series.

According to Life of Poker, the USOP Hanoi promises a 13-day celebration with a guaranteed prize of 60,000,000 dongs (~$2,361,200). Non-local players eager to participate should stay tuned to the USOP’s social media channels for updates and announcements.

As Hanoi’s poker environment drains through turbulent waters, stakeholders are hopeful of a solution to restore stability and trust in the poker circuit. 온라인카지노사이트