Saudi Arabia is also aiming to recruit ‘Son Heung-min’

Saudi Arabia is also seeking to recruit “captain” Son Heung-min 32, Tottenham.

Football Transfer said on the 22nd, “Saudi Arabian club Altihad is aiming for Son Heung-min and Mohamed Salah Liverpool,” adding, “Al-Itihad is eager to recruit Tottenham striker Son Heung-min in the upcoming summer transfer market.”

The Saudi league, which has been attracting many superstars by banking on its massive amount of money since last year, seems to be moving once again. This time, Son Heung-min, Korea’s leading striker, has become a target. Former top scorer in the Premier League, Son has constantly displayed outstanding performance. He scored 12 goals and six assists in 22 league games this season, too. He has scored the most goals in his team and posted the second-most assists in his team. It deserves to win the hearts of Saudi clubs.

In fact, he was even offered a four-year contract worth 30 million euros per year to recruit Son in the summer transfer window last year. He was so aggressive in recruiting Tottenham Hotspur to pay 60 million euros in transfer fees. However, he shrugged off the offer. Tottenham also defended Son.

Before this season, when asked about his transfer to Saudi Arabia, Son said, “I like soccer. Money is important, of course, but I dream of playing in the Premier League. Many players are going to Saudi Arabia. It’s really interesting, but the Premier League is still my dream.”

Despite this, he will not give up and will seek another recruitment. Last year, he hired Karim Benzema, a Ballon d’Or player, N’Golo Kante, and Fabinho after persistent efforts.

The situation has changed a lot compared to last year. First of all, the contract period between Son Heung-min and Tottenham is about a year away until 2025. There is news that Son Heung-min will renew his contract with Tottenham, but nothing has been confirmed yet. If he does not stamp his seal, Tottenham may be impatient with the transfer fee issue. RT-Hard seems to be aiming for this part.

Tottenham’s offense has also improved. Harry Kane Bayern Munich left the team, but Brazilian striker Hishalisson has returned and Timo Werner has joined on loan. It is not yet the stage to discuss a full recruitment, but there is always a possibility. Tottenham is also linked with Italian striker Federico Chiesa Juventus. Tottenham also has some leeway. 바카라사이트 추천

“Son Heung-min, a key figure in Tottenham, expressed his desire to stay at the club last summer,” the media said. “However, if Tottenham fails to advance to the European Champions League this season, they can think twice about their future. Son’s contract period is expected to expire in 2025.”