Philadelphia slugger Bryce Harper hits 300 career home runs

Philadelphia’s leading slugger Bryce Harper has conquered the 300-home run high in his 12th year in the big leagues.

Harper hit a come-from-behind two-run home run in the eighth inning when he was trailing 7-6 against the Los Angeles Angels in the 2023 Major League Baseball at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the 31st.

Matt Moore’s knuckle curve, who had been in Philadelphia in the past, crossed the right-center fence with a thunderous swing when he entered the middle of the strike zone.

It is Harper’s 15th home run of the season and his 300th career home run.

Harper, who made his big league debut for Washington in 2012 and hit 22 home runs from his first year, won the National League Rookie of the Year award.

Since then, he has consistently produced double-digit home runs without skipping a year, and in 2015, he became the National League home run king with 42 home runs.

Harper is showing off his hot batting sense by operating 10 home runs in August alone.

Harper, who returned to the lineup only in May this year after undergoing elbow surgery at the end of last year, struggled with a decrease in long-hitting power at the beginning of the season, but has now regained his original form.

Harper said, “Even if I have a bigger number in my head, 300 home runs are pretty good numbers. “I’m happy to set a record in front of Philadelphia fans, the city I love,” he said.

“I value going out to the stadium every day to train and play,” he added. He added, “I just like to play with ‘Philis’ on my chest.”

According to AP, Harper became the 158th player in Major League history to achieve 300 home runs in his career. 스포츠토토

He is the 12th player among active players.

Despite Harper’s home run, Philadelphia gave up three runs in the ninth inning and lost to the Los Angeles Angels 10-8.

Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels, who started as the third designated hitter, continued his three-game hitting streak with one hit, one RBI and one walk in four at-bats.