One-top Lee Seung-woo and Yang Dong-hyun coach waiting, ‘Drunk Driving’ LA’s departure, complicated director Kim Do-kyun’s head

Suwon FC coach Kim Do-kyun is putting his head around it. This is because the main foreign striker Lars was caught drunk driving and faced a situation where a power leak was inevitable.

Las is the team’s top scorer with nine goals in 22 games this season. Wearing the Suwon FC uniform from 2020, he was especially at a loss this year. He was excluded from the entry due to his insincere attitude, such as blurring the team atmosphere. Still, he was a “credible” striker. Las’s weight on the front line was huge. Head coach Kim talked to Las, and Las, who regained his mind, led the team to victory by operating a penance gun against Suwon Samsung.

Las, who did so, caused the team trouble again. At 4 a.m. on the 7th, he was caught drunk driving on a road near Sinsa Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Suwon FC immediately excluded Las from training and games, saying, “We will hold a steering committee again after the results of the federation’s reward and punishment committee on the 10th to make a final decision on the cancellation of the contract.”

Suwon FC, ranked 10th in the K League 1, was hit by a lightning strike. Suwon FC cut off eight wins against Suwon Derby, setting the stage for escaping the relegation zone. The gap between Jeju United (31 points) and 10th place is 8. The aftermath is bound to be even greater as the incident erupted at a time when the rest of the season was desperately to be pushed forward.

Suwon FC has no striker resources other than Kim Hyun to use. There is a risk to play the season when there is no player to replace. Head coach Kim plans to finish the season around Kim Hyun for now. In the face of the worst situation where the game is not going well, he plans to use Lee Seung-woo, who recently turned into a midfielder and served as the starting point for the team’s attack, as a one-top. On top of that, he is even considering putting Yang Dong-hyun, a playing coach, in the entry.

The comfort is that midfielder Lee Young-jae recently joined the team’s training. Lee Young-jae ruptured his inner knee ligament on July 2. After being discharged from the Gimcheon Office, he collapsed in his first game against the Pohang Steelers and thought of up to six weeks until his return, but his recovery was fast. He accompanied Jeju United on an away trip. I’m waiting for my return match.

The change of the captain’s team also changed the atmosphere. Yoon Bit-garam put down his captain’s armband after talking to head coach Kim. Lee Young-jae was appointed as the new captain, and Jung Dong-ho and Shinsegae became vice captains. On top of that, coach Lee Jung-soo, who was the head coach last year, was recruited again to reinforce the coaching staff.

Suwon FC will play an away game against Jeju in the 26th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 on the 12th. Typhoon “Kanun” moved northward, and the team boarded a plane to Jeju early on the morning of the 9th. Kim, who is facing a crisis due to Las’ departure, is planning to overcome it wisely. 토토사이트