OK 3-0 Complete Defeat, Preventing Team’s Longest Losing Streak

Men’s professional volleyball KB Insurance won a complete victory with a set score of 3-0 (25-20 25-23 25-17) in the home game against OK Financial Group in the 3rd round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League held at the Uijeongbu Indoor Stadium on the 6th. .

We finally escaped from a long 12-game losing streak. It is a thrilling victory experienced in 50 days.

KB Insurance won the first game of the season against Korea Electric Power Corporation on October 17 with a set score of 3-2 and then lost all games. They tied the record for the most consecutive losses since the team was founded. It was their second 12-game losing streak following the 2019-2020 season. If they lost that day as well, they were on the verge of setting a new record for the team’s longest losing streak with 13 consecutive losses. 먹튀검증사이트

The players awakened. Only the worst disgrace was prevented. We achieved 10 points with our second win of the season (12 losses). The team was superior in attack success rate at 63.29%-46.15% and in blocking at 9-2.

Andres Vijena (registered name Vijena), who recovered his condition after suffering from a cold, led the team to victory with 28 points (65.12% attack success rate), the most of both teams. Hong Sang-hyuk added 11 points (56.25% attack success rate) with 1 block and 1 serve. Hongmin Liu, Hongjung Kim, and Min Han each added 7 points. In particular, Kim Hong-jeong created a solid wall by making 5 blocks.

OK Financial Group suffered two consecutive losses. They remained in 4th place with 22 points (8 wins, 6 losses). Leonardo Leyva Martinez (registered name Leo) scored 18 points (42.42% attack success rate) with 3 servings and 1 blocking, the only player in the team to score double-digit scores.

KB Insurance smiled first. The team’s attack success rate of 62.50%-52.17% and the team’s 3-1 lead in blocking were effective. Viena scored 8 points (66.67% attack success rate). Opponent Leo also scored 8 points (54.55% attack success rate) with 1 block and 1 serve.

It was an ups and downs in the beginning. OK Financial Group took a 6-4 advantage with Leo’s serve ace. KB Insurance used Hongmin Liu, Viena, Sanghyuk Hong, and Min Han. The score was 12-10 due to an attack mistake by opponent Leo. Afterwards, they were pulled to 14-15, but thanks to Hong Sang-hyuk’s opening and blocking, as well as opponent Beom-sil and Kim Hong-jeong’s blocking, they escaped to 19-15.

Then, with Hong Sang-hyuk’s quick open, the score reached 20 points. Leo’s opening was responded to by Viena’s opening. Korean Min blocked Leo’s quick opening, making it 23-18.

KB Insurance took the set point early at 23-19 with Viyena’s quick open. The 25th point was completed due to an error in the opponent Leo’s serve.

Viyena scored 9 points (81.82% attack success rate). Leo fought hard, scoring 8 points (53.85% attack success rate), including 1 serve.

OK Financial Group opened with a 2-0 score. KB Insurance balanced the score at 4-4 with Kim Hong-jeong’s quick attack and blocking to block the signal line. After Viena shook her opponent with a serve, Hwang Seung-bin finished the match with an open finish, turning the match around 5-4.

At 5-5, the score increased to 10-6 thanks to Liu Hongmin’s quick open, Vijena’s three rearguard attacks, and Korean Min’s blocking. OK Financial Group replaced setter Kwak Myeong-woo and brought in Lee Min-gyu. Bayar Saihan’s successive quick attacks brought the score to 10-12.

KB Insurance made it 14-10 with Liu Hongmin’s quick opening and blocking. OK Financial Group brought in Jeon Jeon-seon and Shin Ho-jin and appointed Park Won-bin and Park Seung-soo. Song Hee-chae’s quick opening and Park Won-bin’s blocking made it 13-15. Afterwards, due to Leo’s time difference and opening, they trailed to 16-17. At the end of the rally, Song Hee-chae’s opener, opponent Viena’s attack mistake, and Leo’s serve ace led to a 21-19 comeback.

Due to Leo’s serve and attack error, the score became 21-21. KB Insurance succeeded in a comeback. At 22-23, the set point was reached with Viena’s rearguard attack and Kim Hong-jeong’s blocking. Viena directly digged and launched a rear attack, ending the game at 25-23.

OK Financial Group started with Lee Min-gyu, Park Seung-soo, and Park Won-bin instead of Myung-woo Kwak, Ho-jin Ho, and Jeon Jeon-seon. Leo moved to Apogee and Park Seung-su entered the outside hitter position.

KB Insurance pushed forward from the beginning. Thanks to Korea’s fast attack and Viena’s quick open and open, they took a 5-1 lead. Viyena’s quick opening made it 8-3. Liu Hongmin’s quick opening and Kim Hongjeong’s blocking continued to widen the gap to 10-4.

OK Financial Group removed Bayar Saihan and added Park Chang-seong. Park Seung-soo’s rear-guard attack, Song Hee-chae’s quick open, and Park Won-bin’s consecutive fast attacks gave them a 10-14 lead. KB Insurance smiled at 16-10 thanks to Viyena’s quick opening and Kim Hong-jeong’s blocking. When Leo was allowed a serve ace to make it 16-12, Viena’s rearguard attack, Hong Sang-hyuk’s opening, opponent Beomsil, and Liu Hongmin’s serve ace made it 20-12 in an instant.

Due to Viyena’s quick open in the last minute and opponent Song Hee-chae’s attack error, the score reached 24-17. Hong Sang-hyuk decorated the final score with a serve ace.