9전 전승의 막강한 공격으로 우승한 헝가리 아이스하키팀

The South Korean women’s ice hockey team won a valuable silver medal at the Gangwon 2024 Olympic Winter Youth Games (OWYG) 3-on-3 tournament. South Korea fell to Hungary 2-10 (0-2 1-5 1-3) in the final of the Gangwon 2024 tournament on Friday at the Gangneung Hockey Center .Despite being thwarted by the world’s best, the South Korean team earned its first medal at an International Olympic Committee (IOC)-organized tournament and confirmed its potential for improvement.

The Koreans, who lost 0-16 to Hungary in the preliminary round, rattled the opposition’s net twice on the day, while keeping their goals down .After going down by two goals in the first period, the Koreans pulled one back with a powerful shot from captain Park Joo-yeon (Bong Eun-joong) on a man-advantage power play at 0-3, but were quickly overwhelmed by four more goals in the second period.

In the third period, with the game on the line, South Korea scored a stunning goal by Shim Seo-hee (Shin Cheon-joong) off a pass from Han Yu-an (Hakia Academy, Ontario).Hungary won Gangwon 2024 with nine wins in nine games, including the qualifiers, semifinals, and final. In particular, they ruthlessly dominated Korea, Mexico (17-0), Turkiye (18-0), Australia (22-1) and the Netherlands (33-0) in the qualifiers, and then showed 카지노사이트킹 off their firepower in the semifinals (14-4) and final against Italy.