Jeong Chan-sung Halloway has weakness I hope for Korean competitions

The match between ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan-sung Jeong and Max Holloway predicted by ‘MMA Pros Pick

a YouTube content that predicts the match for professional fighters

will be one-sided.

Released on the 16th (Korean time) In one video

all 20 fighters who participated in the survey took Holloway as the winner.

Chan-sung Jung is an underdog with a big difference from Holloway.

All gamblers agree that Holloway has a high chance of winning.

As of the 22nd (Korean time) The place with the largest difference in odds is the betting site ‘Sports Bet’

where the odds for Holloway to win are -1111 and the odds for Chansung Jung to win are +449.


who broke the Jose Aldo era and became the featherweight champion

was considered the strongest featherweight champion until Alexander Volkanovski, the current champion, appeared.

 Only two fighters have beaten Holloway in the UFC:

Volkanovski (three times) and lightweight fighter Dustin Poirier (one time). 

That said

no other featherweight fighter has beaten Holloway except for Volkanovski.

Holloway, who is also considered the strongest striker in the UFC

won 24 wins in 31 fights, 10 of which were (T)KO and 2 were submission wins. 

Surprisingly, he has never lost by KO.


Jung Chan-sung was confident that “Halloway also has weaknesses” and “we can win”.

On the 22nd

4 days before the game

Jeong Chan-seong, who had a video interview with Korean media

talked about his attitude to prepare for the game with Holloway and his next plans.

When asked about Holloway’s weaknesses and how to attack them

Jung Chan-seong said

I can’t talk in detail, but counters are one of them.

I prepared.

I don’t think I have any weaknesses

but I think I still have them.

I prepared that way.

I don’t know if my plan will work or not, but I think it’s right and I think I have to do it.”

He also emphasized, “The important thing is that it will be a very tough fight.

It is an important strategy to have a firm mind and not give up even when it is difficult.

When asked if his confidence in winning continued to increase compared to the first time 바카라사이트

he raised his voice, saying

The more you exercise, the more confident you are.

I prepared a lot.

Now I am 100% confident.”

Jung Chan-sung challenged champion Volkanovski in April and took a knee with a 4th round punch TKO.

After the match

he was seen in tears and said that he was retiring because he felt “he couldn’t be a champion”.

However, Jung Chan-sung prepared a stepping stone to challenge for the top again with the long-awaited match against Holloway.

When asked about his remarks at the time

Chansung Jung said

At that time

I really thought about it as soon as the game was over.

If I had kept thinking about it

I would have retired.

I’m going into this fight to prove that it’s for a reason.

Jeong Chan-sung also showed his desire to participate in the Korean tournament.

 The UFC Korea event was scheduled to take place in February with Jung Chan-sung as the main event

but was canceled due to Jung’s injury.

Jung Chan-sung saidI think it’s good to have the UFC fight in Korea for the last time.

If I do the UFC (contest) in Korea, I can gain more popularity, get a new contract, and become a revival.

If I retire, it may be difficult for a while.

There is.

Regardless of the outcome of this game, I want to do it in Korea.”

When asked to convey his determination to the fans

Chansung Jeong said

It’s a thought that comes to mind a lot these days.

Even if two players are trained and put to sleep the same

one of them will win.

That’s the charm of this sport.


better talent is needed.

I think whoever has it wins.

There are many things that Holloway has shown

but I believe in myself now.

I have no doubts. Of course I could lose

but I will do my best.

People may say that I am weak-willed

but I am not at all.

I will do my best.

I will do my best seems to be the best word I can say.

I will win.