Jeju Recruits “Multi-talented” Sideback Kim Tae-hwan

Jeju United sideback Kim Tae-hwan has been recruited.

Jeju announced the recruitment of Kim Tae-hwan on the 14th.

Kim Tae-hwan, a former Suwon Samsung Youth, is a sideback with two goals and eight assists in 109 matches since his professional debut in 2019. He has been recognized for his skills throughout the Korean national team as well. As he is a young player born in 2000, he is expected to vitalize his team. 토토사이트

Kim Tae-hwan is a multiplayer who plays not only right and left side backs, but also wingers and center midfielders. He entered Jeju Island after being selected by Kim Hak-beom, who had experience coaching when he was a member of the under-23 national team.

“I left Suwon and started a new challenge in Jeju. There are many good players in Jeju. I’m also looking forward to meeting with head coach Kim Hak-beom. I want to become a player who develops further through competition in good faith at the given opportunity, and to energize the team. I will always try to show good performance on the ground,” Kim said.