Hong Wenqi’s reasonable ‘autonomy and responsibility’

“Hurado-Heisus hasn’t come down, he’s not going out, he’s traveling 4-5 hours away…”

“Hurado and Heisu didn’t come down to Gwangju itself.”

Baseball is a team sport, but it’s also an individual sport. From the top of the first inning to the bottom of the ninth, it’s a one-on-one battle between pitcher and batter. In addition, each player fights that one-on-one battle throughout the year to increase his price and earn his salary. In the end, the stronger the individual player, the stronger the team.

“Our Hurado and Heisus didn’t come down to Gwangju itself,” said Kiwoom Heroes coach Hong Won-ki when the Gwangju KIA Tigers game was canceled on the 29th and 30th. “I asked them, ‘Which is more comfortable? They said, “I don’t even go out when I think about it, but it’s four to five hours away.

Furado and Heisus are a one-two punch for Kiwoom. They are the absolute powerhouse of Kiwoom’s mound, which has three to five starters and a weak bullpen. They account for more than 7 to 80 percent of the mound’s power. The two pitched side-by-side against the Gocheok NC Dinos on April 26-27. Kiwoom only played one game of the three-game series against the KIA in Gwangju on April 28-30, but Furado and Heisus weren’t scheduled to pitch in the KIA series anyway. They will start against the LG Twins in Gocheok on April 2-3.

That’s why Hurado and Heysus didn’t come to Gwangju at all. It’s actually a little different for each team. When a team finishes a three-game midweek series and travels to a new location for a three-game weekend series, it’s common to send Friday’s starter to Thursday’s practice.

However, it’s not common for a starter who doesn’t take a turn in a three-game series to not show up for the third game at all. In the past, most managers have traveled with their starters for team chemistry reasons. They believe that a team is a team when it travels together, even if it’s a long way.

Hong believes that baseball is a strictly individual sport. “You give them (foreign players) both responsibility and autonomy. Baseball is a team sport, but a pitcher is only good as long as he is good. It’s the same with the batters. You just have to be good at what you do. That’s what makes a team. Baseball is an individual sport.”

If Hurado and Heisus came to Gwangju, they would have to travel from Seoul to Gwangju and back without playing a game. Of course, the team buses 먹튀검증가이드 transport the players very safely, but Hong Won-ki didn’t want to give the two foreign pitchers the least bit of fatigue.

Although Kiwoom was unable to play against KIA on the 29th and 30th, the two foreign pitchers’ batting order was protected. Instead, the two traveled back and forth from their homes near Gocheok to Goyang District 2 Stadium to train and rest while the team traveled to Gwangju. “Hurado knows the geography of Seoul better than I do,” said Hong Won-ki with a laugh. He knows his way around Goyang,” he said with a laugh.

In fact, there are few teams besides Kiwoom that have two foreign pitchers who are healthy and performing well without getting sick. Furado is 8-4 with a 3.39 ERA in 16 games and 12 quality starts. Heisuis is 9-4 with a 3.35 ERA in 16 games and 11 quality starts.

He’s not a superstar ace who can’t get hit, but he’s basically a pitcher that counts. Heisuis is fourth in ERA and Furado is fifth in ERA. Kiwoom is the only team with two foreign pitchers in the top 10 in ERA. Heisu leads the team in wins, while Furado is second in wins. Furado is second in innings pitched (98⅓) and Heisu is third in WHIP (1.17). Their presence is crucial for a team with three to five starters and a weak bullpen.