Going back to Tottenham after a year? It’s so absurd

Bayern Munich’s Harry Kane is said to be able to return to the Premier League after a year of absence. However, this news appears to be merely a rumor.

“It is unlikely that Kane will return to the Premier League this summer, despite the interest of Tottenham, Manchester United and Chelsea.”

“Kane is reportedly leaving open the possibility of returning to England. However, the suggestion that he can leave Bayern Munich in a year is considered ‘absurd news’,” he added.

Tottenham legend Kane has moved to Bayern Munich ahead of the 2023-24 season. He showed his presence growing into a global striker in the Premier League. But his team’s performance was not like that. It was always far from winning. Many were frustrated at the threshold of winning.

He had a thirst for a championship. Kane changed teams for the trophy this season. Up to 104 million pounds about 175 billion won was generated, with the transfer fee being 86 million pounds about 145 billion won as well as additional options. He predicted that the deal would be a win-win for both Kane and the club.

However, Bayern Munich is in a crisis right now. Having won the Bundesliga title for 11 consecutive years, Bayern Munich is currently ranking second. It is 10 points shorter than Leverkusen, the top-ranked team. It also lost in the first round of 16 strongest teams at the UEFA Champions League. With the dismissal of Thomas Tuchel, the mood became even more chaotic.

Kane has displayed his presence as soon as he transferred. He has posted 31 goals and eight assists in a total of 32 matches this season. He is leading the goal tally with 27 goals and five assists in 24 Bundesliga matches.

Kane is doing well, but his team’s performance is not satisfactory. As a result, there were even reports that he could return to the Premier League. According to the recent Football Transfer and Football Insider, Kane could leave Bayern Munich. 스포츠토토

However, it seems unlikely that he will change his team. “German sources say Kane is unlikely to return to England this summer. The possibility of a transfer in 2025 is uncertain at this stage,” the media said. “Bayern Munich are satisfied with the players they signed last summer. They will sell it only after they receive more than the fee they paid.”