Director Ogino, who won as a “one team”

OK. Director Ogino, who won as a “one team,” said, “I want to raise the floor.”

Professional volleyball OK Financial Group has reached the top of the cup competition. Coach Ogino Masa (53, Japan), who enjoyed the joy of winning the championship as soon as he took office, did not hide his smile.

OK Financial Group beat Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance 3-1 in the men’s final of the 2023 Gumi-Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament held at Gumi Park Chung-hee Gymnasium on the 13th. Ogino, who took office in June, took his first step pleasantly by reaching the top of the cup tournament before the V League.

Ogino won the league title seven times as a player for the Sunbirds in Sunbirds, Japan. As a coach, he won two cup tournaments (2010-12, 17-19 seasons) in four seasons (2010-12, 17-19 seasons). And reached the top for the third time as a director.

After the game, coach Ogino said, “I’m happy and I want to praise the players. “Since they are players who are likely to grow again, we will make them thicker for the V League,” he said.

Shin Ho-jin, a second-year MVP of the tournament, said, “The distance between the coaching staff and the players has become closer.” Coach Ogino said, “I don’t know how to say it, but I didn’t let you call me a coach.” “I don’t want the coach, coach, and player to be in a top-down relationship,” he said.

We do everything together to do that. “We are making sure that the staff and players mix up when we go away, eat, and play. Coach Hwang Dong-il and Kang Young-joon are also studying, and all coaches, including coach Avo Kiyoshi, are free to speak. Players are also listening to the coach, and coaches are also building a trust relationship by talking with confidence. “That part seems to be different from other teams,” he said.

OK Financial Group’s all staff, including the injured Lee Min-kyu and Song Hee-chae, came to the final stadium to cheer. It was like a leader who emphasized ‘one team’. “We’re a team, so we wanted to do it together whether we lose or win the final,” Ogino said. “I tried to get together because it could have a bad effect if one or two players left,” he said.

Coach Ogino said, “I’m trying to improve both individual skills and team skills. “We need to strengthen our players because they still lack their skills,” he said. “We don’t think about winning at all.” “It’s been two months since I came to the team, and five games have been a good test,” he said.

Before the game, coach Ogino smiled when asked about the players’ physical strength management, saying, “Practice will be harder, so it will be okay.” Shin Ho-jin, who won the MVP of the tournament, also said, “The team practice itself was really hard before going to the Universiade. But I can’t say anything because it’s an efficient exercise. He explained, “It was good to play a 6-6 practice game, and it was such a training that I couldn’t breathe.”

Although it has reached the top of the cup competition, the V League, where foreign players join, is a completely different competition. Coach Ogino knows this well. Coach Ogino said, “The league has to play twice a week and have a tough schedule. There may be injuries. Since several players have to play in the long-term race, the team will be divided into the first and second divisions and will be on the same menu without practicing. He explained, “We are in the direction of improving our skills together with the players at the bottom.”

Foreign players will also join the V-League. OK renewed his contract with Leo, and chose Mongolian Bayarsaihan for the Asian quarter. Coach Ogino said, “I will decide Leo’s position after joining the team. “I’ve seen the video, but I’ll decide after seeing it with my own eyes,” he said. “I’m trying to keep hitting strong serve.” “Since six players take turns to serve, (Leo) allows them to do what they want to do, whether they miss or miss, and the other five players can make sure to put it in without mistakes,” he explained.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance manager Kim Sang-woo, who finished second, said, “OK’s overall performance was good. There were also mistakes that had not been made before. He admitted his defeat, saying, “He must have felt burdened by the big game, but his defense and determination have been pushed back.”

Regarding the fact that he played for three consecutive days, he said, “I tried not to think as much as I could. It is true that the Group B team is having a hard time due to its schedule, but it has to be overcome. All the players did well. I was depressed after the season. “I gained confidence in the preparation process and the game, and the atmosphere improved,” he said. He also said, “I hope this competition will be a big opportunity and grow.” The game was not easy, but thank you for playing hard. “I don’t want to be disappointed, I want to gain confidence and prepare well for the league,” he said.

Regarding Park Sung-jin, who played in this tournament, “It is my homework to match the combination.” (I can jump with the same apogit as Park Sungjin)Both Spani and Eddie are aggressive players. If Park Sung-jin grows, there will be another puzzle. I’ll try to make it well,” he said. 토토사이트