Controversy Long Jump Regulations in Track and Field

Controversy Over Changes to Long Jump Regulations in Track and Field… Current Champion: “I Will Quit if the Rules Change”

As the World Association of Athletics Federations (WA) tries to change the core long jump regulations, athletes and legendary stars are all voicing their opposition.

In order to increase the fun of watching by reducing the number of fouls committed by long jump athletes each period,

WA has introduced a new rule this year that measures the total jumping distance by removing the cloud board that athletes step on when they jump,

and installing a much wider jumping zone instead. 온라인카지노

It will be tested at international competitions.

The cloud board, which is 122cm long, 34cm wide, and 10cm high,

is the core equipment that symbolizes the long jump.

Athletes accelerate by sprinting, step on the cloud board, jump into the sky,

fly as far as possible as if walking in the air, and then land with their entire body on the sand.

Long jump is an event in which ranking is determined based on the distance from where an athlete steps on the rolling board properly to where he or she lands.

If you step on the foul line right behind the cloud board,

the referee who was watching closely raises a flag and disqualifies you.

If you are disqualified, the distance you run will of course be excluded from the record.

Long jumps have been carried out this way for nearly 150 years.

However, WA is poised to push for a new rule, saying that at last year’s World Athletics Championships,

⅓ of all athletes’ attempts in the long jump were judged foul,

and that it would be better to recognize all attempts made by athletes as a record to reduce time wastage.

If there is no narrow rolling board but a much wider jumping zone on a flat floor,

players can run without worrying about fouls.

Amid much controversy, Miltiádis Tentóglou (Greece), the best active player, directly opposed WA’s policy.

After winning the long jump at the 2024 World Indoor Athletics Championships held at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, Scotland on the 3rd (Korean time),

Tentoglu said in an interview with media outlets including Reuters,

“If WA changes the long jump regulations, they will not be allowed to participate in this event.”

“I will change it to the triple jump,” he said.

Miltiádis Tentóglou added, “I think the long jump is one of the difficult sports because of the rolling board and accuracy.

You have to run like a sprinter and step on the rolling board perfectly,

which is also difficult in the long jump.

Jumping is easy, and the difficult part is the leap.”

There is a high possibility of being disqualified for stepping on the wrong board,

but the reigning champion emphasized that this is the most interesting and key element in the long jump.