Sisters Lee Jeong-eun (above) and Na-hyeon become the first Korean team to join the team at the same time

Sisters became the first Korean professional baduk players to join together. Sisters Lee Jeong-eun (16) and Lee Na-hyeon (14) passed the needle-like entrance gate side by side at the 61st Women’s Entrance Competition, which ended on the 30th at the Korea Foundation in Majang-ro, Seongdong-gu.In the first round of the final round held this morning, younger sister Lee Na-hyun defeated her older sister Lee Jeong-eun and confirmed her entry into the professional ranks .Baek Yeo-jeong (16), who also participated in the final round, defeated Seo Soo-kyung (21) and passed the entry gate.

In the second round of the final round held in the afternoon, Lee Jeong-eun, who lost in the first country, won against Seo Soo-kyung and secured the final entry ticket. As a result, Lee Jeong-eun and Na Hyun became the first sisters to join the Korean team on the same day. Although they did not join together, sisters Kim Chae-young and Da-young of Korea Kiwon are active as top female knights .Also, Seungcheol Park, Seunghyeon, Hyeongjun Ahn, and Seongjun. Yoon Hee-woo and Da-woo are brother professional drivers, and Kim Su-jin and Dae-hee are brother and sister professional drivers. However, sisters Lee Jeong-eun and Na-hyeon are the first siblings to pass the same recruitment competition and become professional players together.

Deokgyu Kim 9th dan

Younger sister Lee Na-hyun said, “I didn’t feel comfortable even though I won because my older sister made the decision to join,” and expressed her aspirations, “I’m so happy that I can’t believe I’ve become a professional, and I want to become a player like Master Choi Jeong.”Her older sister, Lee Jeong-eun, said, “I talked a lot about joining the team with my younger brother, but I never thought it would actually happen.” She added, “I’m more than happy to join the team together, and I hope that my younger brother and I will do well together in our future professional careers.” Baek Yeo-jeong, who also became a professional player, said, “My first goal is to be selected as a player in the Women’s Baduk League, and I want to win the individual game and become a title holder. I am grateful to my parents, family, dojang instructors, and friends who have supported me so far. “he said.

On the other hand, Kim Deok-gyu, 9th Dan (75), who served as the 23rd Chairman of the Knights Association, retired on this day after 52 years and 5 months of professional career.9th Dan Kim, who became a professional through the 34th Introductory Tournament in 1971, played an active part in the finals of domestic competitions such as Gooksujeon, Daewangjeon, and Paewangjeon, and was promoted to 9th Dan (nicknamed) in 2015.With the entry of Baek Yeo-jeong, Na-hyeon Lee, and Jeong-eun Lee into the first dan and the retirement of 9th dan Kim Deok-gyu, the total number of professional players affiliated with Korea Kiwon is 428 카지노사이트킹 (344 men, 84 women).