Atletico Madrid Renews Contract With Simeone Until 2027

Diego Simeone will accompany Atletico Madrid for four more years, where he took the helm.

Spanish prestigious Atletico Madrid said on its official website on the 10th that it has extended its contract with Simeone until June 30, 2027.

As a result, Simeone will lead Atletico Madrid for up to 16 years.

Born in Argentina, he was recognized for his outstanding leadership after joining Atletico Madrid in 2011. He is famous for his philosophy of soccer that reduces runs to a minimum, preferring pressure soccer based on thorough training. 4-4-2- “two-line defense” based on formation led to Atletico Madrid’s era of success.

Atletico Madrid said, “Simeone has already led 642 games in the official match and won 380 games. “There was only an 18% chance of losing,” he said. “He is the leader who led the most official games in the club’s history, beyond former coach Louis Aragones 612 games, and the manager who is having the most successful season in the Primera Liga recently.”

“The club has always advanced to the group stage of the finals in the European Champions League UCL. Only Manchester City England, Bayern Munich Germany, Barcelona, Real Madrid Spain, and Paris Saint-Germain France have achieved this record in the last 11 tournaments, he added. 토토사이트

Atletico Madrid has eight wins, one draw and two losses 25 points in 11 games this season, ranking fourth behind Girona 31 points, Real Madrid 29 points, and Barcelona 27 points.