‘Almost here’ Kane transfer fee difference of only 33 billion…

The British ‘Telegraph’ said on the 1st (hereinafter Korean time), “Bayern Munich is at a standstill in negotiations with Tottenham Hotspur over the signing of Kane. Negotiations are expected to continue this week after representatives of both clubs met in London on the 31st. seen,” he reported.

Initially, the Munich Board of Directors and Chairman Levy planned to meet last week. The UK’s ‘Guardian’ reported on the 28th, “Munich executives were scheduled to fly to London on the 28th. The flight of Munich CEO Jan Christian Dresen and technical director Marco Nepe has been cancelled. They met with Chairman Levy next week about the recruitment of Harry Kane. We will discuss it,” he said.

On the same day, Christian Polk, a reporter from Germany’s ‘Bild’, said, “Munich officials are known to be visiting London for a meeting with Chairman Daniel Levy on the 28th. However, the trip to London has been cancelled. It was canceled for some reason.”

The canceled meeting was held in London on the 31st. The appearance from the airport was released to the media. Reporter Florian Plettenberg of Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ also shared a video saying, “CEO Dresen and technical director Nepe have arrived at the airport. They are about to meet Chairman Levy.”

The main issue is to offer the Munich board an appropriate transfer fee to steal the heart of Levy. Munich has already handed over two transfer offers. However, he could not change the mind of Chairman Levy. Munich made a second offer with an amount of 80 million euros (about 113 billion won), but Levy wants at least 100 million pounds (about 166 billion won) or more.

A third proposal is being prepared. Reporter Fabricio Romano, who is well versed in European football news, said on the 1st, “Munich are still feeling confident after the meeting on Monday, so they will insist on signing Kane. Munich want an offer approaching 100 million euros (approximately 141.5 billion won).” Explained. The British ‘Telegraph’ said, “There remains a significant gap of at least 20 million pounds (about 33 billion won) in the attempt to agree on the transfer fee.”

In other words, it is understood that the current Munich board and Chairman Levy are engaged in a tug-of-war over transfer fees. From the perspective of Chairman Levy, it is inevitable that he will be deeply troubled. Kane has a contract until June 2024, and if he does not sell it this summer, he will have no choice but to release Kane as a free agent (FA) next summer. However, it is not easy to sell him at a low price. This is because if he sells Kane, he must use the sale price to recruit a replacement.

Kane is one of the best strikers in European football beyond the English Premier League (EPL). From the 2014–15 season he became a regular starter, scoring over 20 goals each season. In particular, he is showing off his steady scoring ability to the extent that he has won the top scorer three times.

However, there is one thing Kane himself regrets. That’s the championship trophy. Kane is a monster goalscorer every season, but his team’s performance has been far from winning. Last season, he also ranked second in the league scoring rankings with 30 goals, following “scoring machine” Elling Haaland, but the team ended the season in eighth place. Despite Kane’s great success, Tottenham was unable to participate in competitions organized by the European Football Federation (UEFA).

Due to this performance, Munich is betting its life and death on the recruitment of Kane. Munich’s offense became dull as Roberto Lewandowski, who was in charge of the team’s offense last summer, left the team. Last season, Serge Gnabri Zero Top and Eric-Maxim Chupo Motoring showed good performances, but the weight was off. Accordingly, after the transfer market opened, Kane is actively being promoted.

He did not hide his love call towards Kane. She conducted an interview with the nuances of wanting Kane to be recruited at the official meeting of honorary chairman Uli Hoenes in Munich. In an interview with Germany’s ‘Sport1’, he said, “Kane has sent a signal that his decision is valid in every conversation. If he keeps his promise, we will catch him, because then Tottenham will stumble. will bring in. Then Tottenham will have to let go,” he openly expressed his interest in Kane.

Contrary to the remarks of Honorary Chairman Hoenes, CEO Dresen expressed a cautious stance. Munich held an official press conference on the 18th and held a signing ceremony for Rafael Guerrero and Conrad Reimer, who were recruited through the transfer market this summer.

At the event, President Dresen avoided a specific answer to a question about Kane, saying, “The grass will not grow faster if you pull it out.” On the other hand, regarding the rumors of Kim Min-jae’s transfer, “Kim Min-jae is expected to sign a contract within a few days,” so there was a clear temperature difference between Kane and Kim Min-jae’s question. In fact, Munich officially announced the signing of Kim Min-jae in the late evening of the 18th.

Tottenham and Munich have already met and held talks. Global media ‘Eurosport’ said on the 14th, “Munich officials arrived in London to meet Daniel Levy, chairman of Kane’s transfer negotiations. Munich has emerged as a front-runner to sign Kane this summer, but Tottenham has “I’m desperate to hold on. Two offers from Munich have been reportedly rejected, but coach Thomas Tuchel still wants to bring Kane to Munich.”

Tottenham sought a renewal of the contract. The British ‘Telegraph’ said on the 14th, “If Kane signs a new contract with Tottenham instead of leaving, he can receive a weekly wage of 400,000 pounds (about 664 million won). Kane returned to pre-season training, and coach Postecoglu We had our first meeting,” he explained.

“Kane went to the meeting with Postecoglu with an open mind, and Levy did not receive any hope of convincing Kane to renew his contract. Kane showed no intention of moving this summer. However, I think they will be more than willing to look into ways to keep Kane at the club after his playing career is over.”

However, Kane has no intention of renewing the contract. ‘Sky Sports’ said: “One simple factor that could encourage Kane to extend his contract later in the season is Tottenham’s transformation into a team capable of lifting trophies. “It will only increase the chances of this move. Levy will make one of the most difficult decisions of his career in the weeks ahead.”

Son Heung-min was also aware of Kane’s transfer rumors. During the preseason tour on the 24th, Son Heung-min said, “Kane is a fantastic player.

“He doesn’t show any signs of confusion and I respect him completely. A decision will be made between the club and him and we will have to respect that decision. I can’t say anything about the final decision. Nothing. Because I don’t know. Maybe Kane doesn’t know either.”

It seems that Levy’s decision will determine the future of Kane, Tottenham and Munich. If Kane leaves for Munich, he will break up with Son Heung-min and eat rice with Kim Min-jae. A lot of attention is focused on what uniform Kane will wear this season. This is why attention is focused on Chairman Levy’s decision.