The Boy Hotspur

Son Heung-min 31, Tottenham Hotspur has accumulated the highest level of attack points in his instinct to attack top-class every season. However, he seemed thirsty, saying, “I want to improve further.” Premier League legend Gary Lineker praised Son’s hot attitude on the pitch.

Lineker appeared on the British podcast ‘Rest in Football’ on the 14th, saying, “Son Heung-min always smiles after games and is kind and polite. But sometimes, when he thinks he should get a ball, he doesn’t get it, and when he does, he gets angry like a fire.”

Lineker spoke of Son’s influence, said The Boy Horsper, who translated his remarks. “He always complimented his teammates and kept smiling,” adding, “He has a different attitude on the ground. He usually gives smiley interviews and is active in fan service, but he has a strong desire to win. He does not hesitate to express his opinions to his teammates on the pitch.”

Son was a man of two faces. He is warmer than anyone else outside the stadium, but when he enters the stadium, he aspires to win more than anyone else and does not hesitate to point out his teammates. In the match against Aston Villa, Dejan Klosepski fired a shot without passing the ball to Son, who was in a better position.

Football London, a British media outlet, reported, “Son Heung-min got angry at Klosevski. Klosevski tried to score a goal himself when he was on the left side and demanded a pass. Unfortunately, however, he got very angry when he fired a shot.”

However, Son’s actions gave impetus to his teammates to play with more concentration. After Son became enraged, Klosevski displayed more concentration and exchanged balls with Pedro Porro. As soon as the space in the background opened up, he strode forward and passed a pass to Son in the box. Measuring the timing, Son scored with a precise shot and scored his 14th goal in the Premier League, as well as a golden goal that sealed the victory.

“At the end of the match against Aston Villa, Klosevskiy drove the ball towards the box and passed it to Son. Son scored with a strong shot, which helped Son. Klosevskiy was able to atone for his turn and shooting just beforehand. Son ran to Klosevskiy and hugged and cheered in front of Tottenham fans.”

Of course, when a team’s performance is not good, they sometimes flogged in official interviews. In the first half of the year when the team was shaken by injuries to key players, the team scored the first goal but suffered upset defeats. When the team lost to West Ham 1-2 in its home game in round 15, the team said, “It is unacceptable. You cannot win and lose the game. As a player, you must take responsibility. Such a result is unacceptable. If we had been leading 1-0, we should have put more energy into the game. However, we failed to do so. That is why we lost.”

Son’s words kept his Tottenham teammates alert, and they won three consecutive games against Newcastle United 4-1 win, Nottingham Forest 2-0 win and Everton 2-1 win. Although Son lost to Brighton 2-4 loss, he scored attack points right before the Asian Football Confederation AFC Asian Cup match, and was an active team leader.

Even after returning from the Asian Cup, Son Heung-min’s influence was great. “Son Heung-min’s leadership has been needed most by Tottenham since Harry Kane left,” said “Son Heung-min’s leadership.” Son Heung-min is increasingly responsible within the team. “He is an essential player for the team, even for Tottenham’s success.”

Son Heung-min was thirsty for a Premier League goal of 14 and 20 attack points for the eighth consecutive season. “Coach Postecoglou is making me a better player. I want to be a more perfect player. I need to work harder. I still have a lot to improve.”

Local media in the UK, who heard the interview, said, “I don’t know how long Son Heung-min will be able to maintain the peak of his career, but he wanted to be a perfect player in the future.” 배트맨토토