‘Son Heung-min’s Best Friend’ Everton MF’s Special Model Girlfriend

Dele Alli, who was close to Son Heung-min when he was playing for Tottenham in the English Premier League, currently plays for Everton. However, he is still out of the game due to the £10 million deal he made during the transfer process. Alli will have to pay Tottenham another £10 million under his contract if he plays 20 games for Everton.

As a result, the team sent Ali on loan to the Türkiye team, but he was forced out early due to injury, and now he is a member of Everton. Ali, who had suffered a lot of accidents so far, has completed his rehabilitation process due to hip surgery and can play at any time, but is not playing due to shackles. If he plays seven more games, he will have to play in 20 games.

In fact, it is a pity that Everton are destroying Ali’s talent for £10 million. Ali was a genius midfielder when he played for Tottenham from 2015 to 2022. In his first year after moving to Tottenham, he scored 10 goals in the Premier League alone. In the following season, he scored 19 goals, making him a “genius midfielder” enough to be called Tottenham’s future along with Son Heung-min and Harry Kane. However, due to his laziness, the trend declined afterwards, and eventually he moved from Tottenham to Everton.

Ali is now living a normal life and has a famous girlfriend. She is her girlfriend who protected her in times of need. Her name is Cindy Kimberly. She is as hot as one of the top 100 women in the world in a magazine. She is exposed to the media more than Ali because she is a famous model.

Kimberly is from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and is a model that gained popularity in 2015 after Justin Bieber expressed surprise on his social media, saying, “Who the hell is this woman?”

Ali has been dating Kimberly since last year. Last month, the two celebrated Kimberly’s 25th birthday by releasing their sweet birthday party photos. In fact, Ali had shut down social media after he caused an accident in April by disclosing his private life such as inhaling laughing gas.

However, it has recently been reopened to show off sweet pictures to celebrate Kimberly’s birthday. Kimberly was also listed in British media on July 7. According to The Sun, Kimberly showed off her beautiful figure in a swimsuit. Since she is a famous model, she probably took a photo shoot. 스포츠토토사이트

Kimberly posed in the sun wearing a beach bunny swimsuit for a photo shoot. Fans naturally cheered for Kimberly’s photos, a celebrity who has 7.2 million social media followers.

Kimberly recently dominated the British Fashion Awards show by wearing bold outfits. She showed an unconventional outfit at the red carpet event at the Royal Albert Hall in London. She stood on the red carpet wearing a white top and skirt combination with beads on her head. Kimberly’s outfit is unique. It only covered her chest and exposed her strong abdomen.