Park Min make the leap to the starting lineup

Can Kia Tigers utility infielder Park Min, 23, make the leap to the starting lineup? The manager acknowledged the possibility. He praised his stellar defense and competitive hitting. He also said that second baseman Kim Sun-bin is nervous. He is a resource to watch in the future as he is showing more eagerness than anyone else.

Park Min went 3-for-5 with one home run, one RBI, and one run scored in the 20224 KBO game against the LG Twins at the Gwangju-Gia Champions Field on April 18, leading the team to victory. In addition to his bat, Park also showed off his defense at second base, 안전놀이터 where he made two double plays and one out of bounds with animalistic supervision.

He has the potential to be a 2020 second round pick.

After returning from military service, he was expected to be a multipurpose player in the infield this year. However, on April 10 against LG in Gwangju, she was sidelined for two months after severely injuring her knee when she chased a ball that went over the third-base bleachers, hitting the netting and the bleachers’ chin.

He rehabbed and played for the Futures, waiting for his chance, and when he got a call-up due to Kim’s side injury, he made a solid comeback. He has the defensive ability to play all positions, including second, third, and shortstop. “I think I can play first base,” he said.

Manager Lee Bum-ho has noticed the eagerness. “He’s nervous when he’s resting. He shows a lot of eagerness. Thank you, Min-i, for your good play. I interviewed him. I didn’t know that he was so eager to go down to the second team. I felt that he has a strong desire to perform in the first team. I will give him many opportunities,” said the coach.

He also gave him high marks for his defense.

“His defense is one of the best in the team. His defense is precise. They don’t try too hard. It’s not flashy, but it’s accurate. He tries to be precise and get the out. I see a lot of shortstop defense, but he is the most reliable backup in the center field, such as shortstop and second base,” he said with a thumbs-up.

“He also has good hitting ability. When he was a rookie, he got hit in the face by a ball during a Futures game and couldn’t capitalize on it. He’s over it now. He also served in the military in his fifth year. Now he wants to play his own baseball. 실시간 바카라사이트 He has the ability in all areas of offense and defense. He is an infield resource who should play a lot at some point,” he said, predicting his potential to grow into a starter.