‘Osmanthus bouquet’ wrapped around Korean athletes

A giant ring of 22 bouquets of Osmanthus wrapped around the Korean athletes as they entered the stadium. At the front of the line, taekwondo’s Joo Jung-hoon (29-SK Eco Plant) and goalball’s Kim Hee-jin (29-Seoul Mayor’s Sports Association) were welcomed by the crowd and turned a new page in the Asian Para Games.

To mark the start of the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Para Games, two children with and without disabilities entered the stadium. One blindfolded child reached out and groped for air, while bouquets of osmanthus surrounded them.

After the athletes entered, 36 wheelchair dancers and 36 able-bodied dancers took the stage in a row. They synchronized their movements to the music and encouraged each other. As they performed the choreography, the boundaries and distinctions between them gradually disappeared.

The theme of the opening ceremony, which took place on the 22nd at the lotus-shaped Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium in China, was “Hearts Meet, Dreams Shine. Performances by people with and without disabilities reiterated the theme of the Asian Para Games, and the apricot scent of the osmanthus flower was released into the stadium to unite athletes and spectators through one sense.

Starting with Afghanistan and ending with China, 5121 athletes (3020 athletes and 2101 officials) from 44 countries entered one after the other. As each flag fluttered, the crowd cheered and applauded, and the athletes responded by raising their hands. For the 15th time, the 159-member Korean National Team (71 athletes and 88 officials) wore short suits and red ties as they made their way across the field.

“I’m honored to be the flag bearer,” said Kim Hee-jin, captain of the women’s goalball team, “and this is my third time competing, so I’m excited and ready,” while Joo Jeong-hoon, who will be competing in taekwondo, the first official sport, said, “I’m nervous because it’s a big responsibility, but I’ll do a great job representing Korea.

Opening ceremony director Xia Xiaoran concluded by sending the “harmonious and persevering 토토사이트 spirit like warm sunshine” that he said he intended on the 19th to spread throughout the stadium through the greetings of the performers.