Ninja Turtles official announcement is coming up

French national team ace Kylian Mbappe 25, Real Madrid, who suffered an unexpected nasal injury, kept smiling.

“Anyone want to recommend me a mask?” Mbappe wrote on his social networking site on Wednesday. He asked this question on his way out of a hospital in Düsseldorf, Germany after receiving treatment for his broken nose. Mbappe was forced to leave the group stage for a short time and stay out until certain point in the tournament after being hit by an opponent player’s shoulder during the first group match of Euro 2024. However, the player himself is happily accepting the reality.

Many fans chanted “Ninja Turtles” without hesitation. “You will be reborn as a true ninja Turtles.” The turtle is Mbappe’s nickname. It is because they resemble each other. “I’m more handsome than Mbappe. I don’t look like the turtle,” his teammate Marcus Turang Inter Milan said in a recent interview. In the past, Thiago Silva Fluminense gave Mbappe a box containing the turtle mask in the locker room when he was playing for Paris Saint-Germain. Mbappe smiled while wearing a mask. 바카라사이트 추천

The French national team is burned out. French coach Didier Deschamps said after finishing the 1-0 win with his opponent’s own goal, “France without Mbappe is not on the same team,” expressing great concern over his long absence. The absence of Mbappe, a key striker and captain, may be an unimaginable variable. Mbappe has 47 goals in 80 A-matches. He has never scored at Euros yet, but he showed off his best performance in major competitions by leading the 2018 Russia World Cup and the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

The timing of his return is expected to be determined by whether he will have surgery on his broken nose. French media outlet RMC reported that the injury is not serious and there is a possibility that he will not undergo surgery. Mbappe has been at the center of the issue every day following his political remarks right before the tournament and his injury in the first match of the tournament.