Munich defense reform announcement → De Ligt OUT+KIM is also unstable

Kim Min-jae is also anxious about Bayern Munich’s great defense reform. However, Munich has put a brake on the reinforcement of its players.

German media Kicker reported on the 24th that Munich can transfer other defenders other than Matthijs Diricht, who is likely to be transferred, and only one player is unable to transfer.

The media reported, “Munich recruited Hiroki Ito and is expected to move even if Jonathan is taken down. This is why the Munich board wants to give up the players at the center back. Only one player is clearly not for sale.”

Munich currently has five center backs with Ito joining. There are Kim Min-jae, Diricht, Dayo Upamecano, Eric Dier and Ito.

The media outlet said, “Dear is the only center back that is not available for sale this summer for many reasons. He has proven to be a reliable defender with leadership quality and is not receiving a big salary that will significantly affect the team’s expenses. Furthermore, he does not complain about his inability to play,” revealing the reason for Dyer’s inability to sell.

The media also said that Diricht, Upamecano, and Kim Min-jae will be sold.

The media said, “Dericht and Upamecano were allowed to leave the team when an appropriate offer came. This is the same for Kim Min-jae, who is in his first year of joining the team,” adding, “Kim Min-jae’s performance has been confirmed to have declined since the 2023 Asian Football Confederation AFC Qatar Asian Cup. Internally, we doubt whether Kim Min-jae can develop because Serie A and Bundesliga soccer are different.”

The TZ, a local newspaper in Munich, claimed that Munich has two center backs to send out. TZ announced on Monday that Munich’s central defense, which had been pointed out as Munich’s biggest problem in the 2023-2024 season, could be drastically replaced by a report entitled “It is not just one defender leaving in the summer.”

“Bayern has already hired Hiroki Ito as its new central defender and is expected to come even if he rides Jonatan the German national team,” the newspaper said. “As a result, leaders want to field players from the same position. It seems that not only one player has been listed for sale.”

Kim moved to Munich last summer and played as a center back for Munich, a prestigious team in Europe. He played 15 consecutive games in the first half of the season, serving as a starting center back.

Then, the ordeal of Kim Min-jae, who returned after participating in the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup in January, began. As Dyer was recruited through the transfer market in January, the center back totaled four, and Kim Min-jae’s competition was even more difficult.

In particular, as Kim Min-jae’s performance gradually declined, the number of games sitting on the bench increased. Kim Min-jae played 25 Bundesliga games, recording three replacement games in 22 starting games, and three games he failed to play on the bench.

Former coach Thomas Tuchel failed to form a clear starting lineup among Kim Min-jae, Diricht, Upamecano and Dier, and eventually fell to third place behind Leverkusen, which won the title without losing due to collapsing defense, and Stuttgart, which is led by Sebastian Hönes. The team failed to win the Bundesliga for 12 consecutive years.

Munich is trying to rebuild Max Everest under Christophe Proount director. At the center of it is a new director, Bangsang Kompany.

Strong defense is essential for Kompany’s aggressive style of soccer. If the team loses offense in the front, it needs to put together a strong defense that will cover well from behind, but it plans to transfuse new blood including Hiroki and Tata instead of existing resources.

However, the other situation is at a standstill.

According to German media outlet Bild, Leverkusen rejected Munich’s first offer. Munich is known to have offered a lower price than 20 million euros. This is less than half of Leverkusen’s offer of 40 million euros.

Bild said, “Leverkusen has no intention of strengthening its direct competitors. There will be no negotiations if Munich fails to make an appropriate offer. He will also risk losing Tar as a FA next year.”

If another transfer fails, Munich should keep its existing players and maintain the number of center backs. Attention is focusing on whether Kim Min-jae will be able to survive in Munich and continue his competition in a time of upheaval.

Kim Min-jae announced through the German media in May that he would compete in Munich again in the new season.

In an interview with German media outlet T-Online last month, he confessed that there were many difficulties as his style of play, in which he actively stole the ball even by breaking the line, did not match with Munich. He also recalled the situation against Real Madrid.

“As a defender, I have always played with conviction,” he said. “However, I have had more moments of hesitation after Tuchel’s criticism. I have not been able to play with confidence.” Tuchel did not openly mention Kim before, but he seemed to imply that there is a center back that goes higher than a fullback.

However, Kim added, “I tried really hard to show what the coach wanted.” Kim also started at home to Wolfsburg, a Bundesliga game after his elimination from the Champions League, and played more restrained play, contributing to a 75-minute win and no loss. However, he was replaced after spraining his ankle late in the game and failed to play in the final league match. Kim was completely removed from the list in an away match against Hoffenheim on the 18th of last month, and finished the season like that. 무료슬롯사이트

In his first year as a professional player, Kim never missed the starting lineup since Jeonbuk Hyundai. He has always been the “best.” He then occupied one of the best eleven spots in Beijing Guoan, Fenerbahce Turkiye, and Naples. Kim was criticized for losing his starting spot and making a critical mistake. Of course, it was an unfamiliar experience.

There was also a problem with Tuchel, who brought him in after talking directly to Kim Min-jae, but Kim Min-jae blamed himself. Kim Min-jae pointed out the cause of the failure coolly, saying, “I should have fulfilled the coach’s request better from a tactical point of view, but I couldn’t.”

It is welcome news that Tuchel, who failed to write himself properly, has been dismissed and decided to compete for a blank slate. Kim Min-jae also plans to renew his commitment and look forward to the next season. “It was not a satisfactory season, I need to improve further next season,” he said. “At the end of a season, I always think a lot about what I did well, what I lacked, and what I needed.”

“Learning from mistakes and weaknesses has become more important. It is important to reflect on yourself in order to compete at a high level,” he said. “I will become a stronger player next season.”