Korea Gas Corporation leads the way in realizing local sports welfare with ‘Sports ESG’

KOGAS launched the Pegasus Professional Basketball Team in September 2021 and continues to implement sports ESG activities that reflect local needs.

KOGAS said on Thursday, “With the creation of the Pegasus Pro Basketball Team, Daegu can enjoy winter basketball again after 10 years. In addition, the number of attendees at home games, which was 30,000 in the first year of the team’s existence, has risen to 50,000 in the 2023-2024 season, showing the popularity of basketball in Daegu. In response to this, the Pegasus Professional Basketball Team 홀덤 has been conducting various social contribution projects (donating sports talents, improving sports facilities, and donating sports equipment) to express our gratitude to the local community for their interest and love.”

Specifically, KOGAS implemented the ‘One Heart, One Mind! We are ONE Team’ social contribution project during the 13th off-season, in which the basketball team, fans, vulnerable children, and local basketball schools who love basketball came together to donate KRW 30 million to Save the Children, a child rights NGO, to support multicultural children in Daegu and improve facilities for basketball schools. In addition, as part of the ‘One Heart, One Mind! We are ONE Team’ program, Pegasus basketball fans were invited to a one-day charity café event. The basketball players themselves served drinks and baked goods to the fans, and sold souvenirs prepared by the team. All proceeds from the sale of souvenirs were donated in the name of ‘Pegasus Pro Basketball Team×Fans’ to support local vulnerable children, along with proceeds from the Lucky Ball event at the 2023-2024 season home games and feminine products for local youth. The event was more than just a donation, it was a meaningful occasion for KOGAS Pegasus Basketball Team and fans to bond and share their dreams and hopes with local youth.”

In conclusion, KOGAS said, “Pegasus has been steadily implementing social contribution projects that reflect local needs, such as donating basketball talents to local youth, creating local jobs linked to the basketball team, and creating an environment for sports activities, and has steadily expanded its social contribution projects, including donating 37 million won in 2021, 801 million won in 2022, and 94 million won in 2023, the first year of its existence. In the future, the Daegu KOGAS Pegasus Basketball Team will strive for the sustainable development of local sports, and will strive to deliver joy to fans who love the Pegasus with good results in the 2024-2025 season.”