Jungbu University’s Naung-jin Na, a true ace: “We will show you our own volleyball”

“We will show you the organized volleyball of Chungbuk National University.”

Chungbuk National University won the preliminary Group A match of the Korean Air Volleyball Danyang 2024 National Collegiate Volleyball Tournament (Danyang Tournament) by a set score of 3-1 (25-19, 29-27, 23-25, 25-21) at the Danyang National Sports Center on Monday.

Chungbuk still had a strong offense, led by Kim Yo-han (junior, 188 cm, OP) with 23 kills and Naung-jin (senior, 197 cm, OH) 파워볼게임 with 15 kills.

After the game, Na said, “It wasn’t easy in the beginning. There were times when things didn’t work out, but I think our teammates helped each other and our teamwork became stronger. We were able to win with a good result because we trusted each other,” he said.

On the 26th, Chungbuk National University lost to Hanyang University. “We tried a lot to keep our mood from sagging,” he said. “We talked to each other and said, ‘We just need to win the next game,’ and our will to win became stronger. Coach Kim Dae-hyun also gave us a lot of motivational words, so I think the team became more united,” he said.

In this game, Naung-jin made five blocks to turn the opposing attackers around. The blocks came at crucial moments and were enough to stop the opponent’s flow. “I’ve been focusing a lot on blocking in practice, and I’m glad it showed in this match,” Na smiled. “I want to improve my defense a little more, and I will work harder to become a more complete player during the rest of my college career,” he said.

Chungbuk State has just one game left in the qualifiers. The winner of the match against Myongji University on the 29th will advance to the quarterfinals. “We will definitely show our organized volleyball and advance to the quarterfinals,” Na said.

Finally, he said, “Thank you for always supporting us. I hope you will continue to support Chungbuk National University and I will show you how we will develop further in the future,” he concluded the interview. Let’s see if Chungbuk National University will be able to advance to the main round by showing the cohesiveness that Naung-jin talks about.