The Gwangju Mayor’s Sports Association announced on the 10th that it has supported 20 athletes with disabilities in the region to join KEPCO. On the same day, 20 athletes from 15 sports including table tennis, badminton, soccer, archery, and weightlifting participated in the ‘Enrollment Ceremony for Sports Athletes with Disabilities Affiliated with KEPCO’ held at the Gwangju Mayor’s Sports Center.

Han Sang-deuk, senior vice president of the Gwangju Mayor’s Para Sports Association, Kim Hyun-seong, secretary general, Shin Hee-myung, head of recruitment at KPS, Hong Seong-hoon, head of the Gwangju Regional Office of the Korea Disability Employment Corporation, and Kim Yong-im, a member of the Gwangju City Council, also attended.

The athletes, who were publicly recruited through an announcement on the Gwangju Mayor’s Nuri website from the 12th to the 20th of last month, will train at designated training grounds for each sport, participate in competitions, and replace their jobs.The Gwangju Mayor’s Sports Council designates a person in charge of each sport to support overall operations such as athlete training and attendance management.

In January, the Gwangju Mayor’s Sports Association also helped create jobs for 14 athletes with disabilities at Chonnam National University. 스포츠토토존 By operating a total of 50 athletes with disabilities, including 32 from the Jeonnam Disabled Sports Association and 20 from Gwangju, KPS plans to implement social values as a public company and practice ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management.

Han Sang-deuk, senior vice chairman of the Gwangju Mayor’s Sports Association for the Disabled, said, “To create more workplaces for people with disabilities, we will create various cooperation models and spare no effort to inform the local community about the value of employing people with disabilities.”