From ‘hydrogen bomb’ to ‘guardian spirit’

From ‘hydrogen bomb’ to ‘guardian spirit’. It’s been a tumultuous 19 years with four different uniforms.

On April 18, Jin Hae-soo pitched for the third time against the Suwon KT Wiz. He reached the 800-game milestone after 19 seasons since his debut in 2006.

Now, only three names stand between him and 800 games: Cho Woong-chun (813 games), Ryu Taek-hyun (901 games) and Jeong Woo-ram (1004 games). Aside from Cho, these are the history of left-handed specialists in the league.

I asked Jin about the weight of 800 games when we met at KT Wiz Park in Suwon. “So far, 800 games is just a number,” he said.

“I’ve played 769 games until 2022. 800 games was a goal that was just around the corner. However, I played fewer games last year (19) and this year (12), so I just reached 800 games. What’s important to me now is not the number of games I’ve played, 바카라사이트 but the competitiveness to play longer.”

His pace has been a little slow to pick up this year. However, he is now a stalwart in Lotte’s middle order.

When asked about his pride, he replied, “I’ve always been a pitcher with a risky position. I played desperately every year, year after year. I’ve worked really hard, and I’m proud of that, but I don’t feel that way about the number of games I’ve played.”

He entered the professional ranks as a lowly seventh-round pick (50th overall) and has been playing for 19 seasons now. He is the epitome of human triumph, finding his own way to survive in the professional arena.

He is also an icon of overcoming. At the beginning of his career, he was insultingly nicknamed the “hydrogen bomb” because he would blow up games whenever he came out. However, his fastball and sharp slider helped him develop into a must-win left-hander, and his nickname was upgraded to “Commander of the Capital Guard” and “Guardian God” when he played for LG.

However, Jin says that he is strictly an active player and looks to the present rather than the past.

“I came to Lotte this year after being traded for rookie Myung-kwon Shin (in the fifth round), but my time in the first team has been too short. I spent most of this season in the second team,” he said, emphasizing, “I just have to do my best every day and show my value.”

This year, he struggled to gain the trust of LOTTE manager Kim Tae-hyung as his average fastball velocity dropped below 140 kilometers per hour. But when he does, he proves his worth. He pitched ⅔ innings of scoreless relief against Suwon KT on April 19, lowering his season record to 2.45 in 13 games and 7⅓ innings.

After making his debut with the Kia Tigers, he went on to play for the SK Wyverns and LG Twins, and now wears the Lotte uniform. But his best years were with LG. When he was traded to LG in 2015 after proving his worth, Jin Hae-soo said, “I will prove that LG is not a lost trade.” From the middle of the 2015 season until 2023, he played eight and a half seasons with LG, racking up 120 holds.

When asked about his most memorable moment, Jin said, “Debuting with KIA and playing fall baseball with LG.”

After a year of accumulating memories,

The KBO officially recognized his 800-1 record. “I received a lot of congratulatory calls. My family also told me how hard it was,” he smiles.

Lotte’s run this year has been uneven. In March and April, they were ranked ninth overall, but in May and June, they were third out of 10 clubs.

Jin Hae-soo says, “If you look too far and try to climb up at once, it’s hard and seems far away. “If you accumulate pluses one day, one month, 토토사이트 추천 and one month at a time, you will reach your goal at some point.” “I think Lotte is a team that can go to the fall baseball this year. We just have to believe in ourselves and do our best,” he emphasized.