Collins Gets $500 Salute Bracelet For Warriors

In Event #67: 2024 World Series of Poker, a $500 Salute to Warriors No-Limit Hold’em saw a staggering 4,517 entries, with a total prize money of $1,851,970. After all, everyone in the event was kind of a warrior, but only one could stand. The man was Britain’s Ben Collins, and he had $207,486 to celebrate and a gold bracelet that was hard to catch.

Overwhelmed and elated, Collins said:

“It’s absolutely outrageous to have support from everyone and keep them going the whole time I’m thinking about grabbing my bracelet.”

Collins has a long history of poker games, from dealing with games for his father as a teenager to playing online as a pro from 2009 to 2012, and won a bracelet at the 2024 World Series of Poker hosted by Horsuch and Paris Las Vegas, solidifying him in gaming history.

Collins dedicated the victory to his wife and daughter, who spent the first week of his poker trip together but had to return home over the pond. Collins wanted to call them to celebrate his victory.

Despite the American theme of this special tournament, it proved to be quite an international event, representing the six countries that made it to the finals. With Richard Giuliano (10th – $15,759) and Gerald Schiner (9th – $20,052) quickly dispatched, the luck of the two American short stacks ran out right after they were united into one table.

Siabash Bari seemed to be building his traction when he grabbed a black ace and double-uped it. After only two orbits, Bari got an ace again and he looked like he was going to get a maximum again, but he panicked when it flew right in front of Ben Collins, and he was on his way to the payment window at the eighth spot.

Interestingly, two players at the table shared their birthdays together on the very last day of Ben Snoedgrass and Tolga Guesley’s last table, and they talked and realized that they both must have smiled happily as a coincidence. Snoedgrass was the first birthday boy to fall when he looked up at the hands of his birth friend Tolga Guesley and had to settle for seventh place.

New Zealand’s Dane Harnett was reduced to just one blind man late in the tournament but somehow converted to a deep run. Eventually, when he fell short, he ran out of luck and bumped into his ace, Paul Serrate, and was eliminated in sixth place.

Rami Hammoud fell behind Ben Collins in fifth and Paul Serrate quickly followed in fourth, giving up most of the chips to Collins before falling behind Petichakis.

Three Hands was a game anyone could play for a while, but Collins had some insurmountable luck when he beat the kings of Tolga Gesley to take a substantial lead. 프라그마틱 슬롯 사이트

In other words, the pendulum swung back and forth, and the two players held chip leads at different points during the match. Stavros Petichakis finished in the top three in the all-day count with a chip lead. Petichakis had a chance to win a bracelet, but his sixes were outplayed by Collins’ overcard. Petichakis looked like he’d run away with it by the end of the match, but after a few touches, Collins went from having 24,000,000 chips to a total count of 225,000,000.

The Salute to Warriors event was unique in that $40 from all participants was donated to an integrated service organization, generating a staggering $180,680 in benefits.

Many celebrities and professional athletes competed at this special event, but they seem right to honor those who served their country and dedicated themselves to greater events than great ones. My hat is off to all the veterans, weekend warriors, and poker lovers.

Final Table Results
1 Ben Collins UK $207,486
2 Stavros Petitchakis Greece $138,423
3 Tolga Gasly U.S. $105,360
4 Paul Serrate Bolivia $76,338
5 Ramy Hammoud Canada $57,420
6 Dane Harnett New Zealand $43,564
7 Ben Snodgrass United States $33,341
8 Siavash Bahri United States $25,742
9 Gerald Schnierer United States $20,052
10 Richard Juliano United States $15,759